We deal in all kinds of non-ferrous and ferrous scrap metal.  Below are examples of metals that we specialize in:
(Please refer to ISRI specs)

I. Non Ferrous Scrap Metal

A. Copper:

Bare Bright

#1 Copper

#2 Copper

#3 Sheet Copper

Insulated Wire

Electric Motors

Shredder Pickings


B. Brass:

Yellow Brass (Honey)

Mixed Brass Turnings

Auto Radiators (Ocean)

Admiralty Brass Tubes (Pales)

C. Aluminum:

Aluminum/Copper Radiators

Aluminum Radiators

Cast Aluminum (Tense)

Old Sheet (Taint/Tabor)

II. Ferrous Scrap Metal

HMS 1/2

Shredded Steel

We also trade in other metals. Please contact us to buy or sell other metals not listed below.

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